Jeremy Howard

You have reached the home page of Jeremy Howard, President and Chief Scientist of Kaggle, founder of FastMail.FM (sold to Opera in May 2010), and a co-founder of The Optimal Decisions Group (sold to ChoicePoint in Feb 2008).

Media Coverage

Interview with Jeremy on ABC. For more, see the videos on his YouTube page

Illustration of Jeremy Howard

Illustration of Jeremy Howard

There has been various bits of newspaper/magazine coverage about Jeremy and the businesses that he is involved in:


Jeremy writes about software development at Jeremy Howard's dev blog and about consumer IT issues at the Bleeding Edge Blog.

Open Source

Jeremy contributes to a number of open source projects, particularly the Perl programming language, Cyrus IMAP server, and Postfix SMTP server. He has been active in the development of the Perl language, as chair of the Perl6-data working group, and author of numerous RFCs.